IF @ ThaiFex Anuga Asia 2024



           Mr. Pongsakorn Pongsak, Chief Executive Officer of INNOVATIVE FOOD AND BEVERAGE PTE. LTD, the owner and exporter of IF and INNOCOCO brands, revealed the success of the market expansion as a leading beverage brand in international markets. In 2023, the company achieved sales of 3 billion THB, an 87% growth from 2022. Especially 100% coconut water, the hero product, has gained immense popularity both online and offline in China. Due to the natural taste and sweetness of IF coconut water that matches consumer preferences, this has driven the success of the IF brand in the market. With Cold Aseptic Technology, the most advanced technology in the industry, the product shelf life can be prolonged up to 12 months without preservatives while keeping the freshness and nutrients as if it were freshly cracked. Therefore, IF has become the top brand in customers' minds.

         Currently, the company has expanded its sales to more than 30 markets worldwide, through both online and offline channels covering all strategic areas. The success of the IF brand on Chinese e-commerce platforms such as Tmall, JD, IF's official flagship store, major modern trade, and convenience stores (CVS), are key factors that have strengthened its reputation in the market.

         In 2024, the company aims to expand its business to the USA, Canada, and Australia. Sales volumes are expected to grow by more than 43% compared with 2023. We intend to showcase the uniqueness of Thai flavours in the international market along with introducing new product line-ups. The company plans to expand its product categories beyond fruit juices to include plant-based snacks and drinks, and coconut-based products such as Coconut Crispy Roll, Coconut Quinoa Chips, Crispy Coconut, and Sundried Banana Sticks. Most importantly, the company plans to submit an application to list on the Singapore Stock Exchange Market tentatively by Q3.

         At THAIFEX – Anuga Asia 2024, IFB showcased products such as the authentic IF Thai Milk Tea, which is made to taste like freshly brewed tea that tastes nice without ice, followed by IF Coconut Milk from real coconut available in three flavours. We continuously strive to bring the essence of Thai culture to the global market with popular dessert flavours like Mango Sticky Rice. Additionally, IF Botanical Herbs Cha, IF Peach Juice enriched with vitamin C, IF Mango Banana Juice, IF Oat Drink, and IF Quinoa Chips were also featured at the event.

           As the management team, we would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has chosen IF and other brands under our corporate umbrella. We are proud to be an innovative company dedicated to introducing high-quality beverages and products from Thailand to consumers around the world. Our products are designed to maintain quality and taste, ensuring that our consumers have the best experience.