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480 ml.

Vit A Day Water Vitamin B Complex chrysanthemum Flavored

Vitamin Water is water enriched with vitamins that is a part of your daily intake.
Vitamin B Complex chrysanthemum Flavored

Nutrition Fact

- Support nerve care

- B1 maintain nervous & muscular system

- B3 helps reduce inflammation & irritation

- B5 prevents insomnia and joints pain

- B6 support nervous system

- B7 helps remain skin health

- B9 support red blood cell production

- B12 boost mood & mental function
No sugar.
- No calories.

- No sodium.


B Complex

Packaging Detail

1 x 24 Bottles
Net Weight
Gross Weight
Package Size (Width x Length x Height)
Package Load
- 20' DC 1,320 cartons

Additional Detail

Shelf Life: 12 months