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350 ml. ml.

Roasted Coconut Water

New from IF, premium roasted coconut water make you more enjoyable with its tasty and roasted aroma.


Nutrition Fact



Nutrition Fact

  • There are a lot of electrolytes in Coconut Water, for example, Potassium helps alkalize the body, Manganese takes part in enzymes activities.
  • In additions, high magnesium helps in nervous and muscular system and is a part a bones and teeth.
  • No Preservative
  • No Artificial Color

Packaging Detail

1 x 24 Bottles
Net Weight
8.40 kgs. /carton
Gross Weight
9.00 kgs. /carton
Package Size (Width x Length x Height)
25.5 cm. x 39.9 cm. x 19.2 cm.
Package Load
- 20' DC 1,572 Cartons
- 40' DC 2,660 Cartons

Additional Detail

Shelf Life : 12 months